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This course is designed for people managers and leaders of distributed teams to help them become more effective communicators in order to develop their leadership skills and in turn, increase engagement and productivity within their teams.

Remote working is still a new concept which means leaders aren’t fully equipped to transfer their people management abilities into virtual environments. Communication is the life-line of a successful remote team and as a people manager, the success of your remote team depends on your communication strategy.

This course is designed around the best practises academic research and proven strategies that enables new or existing managers of remote teams to flourish and grow.


Trusted by the Leading SaaS and Technology Companies

"The course is a must have for those that manage online/virtual teams. It seamlessly discusses core subjects that makes a team perform effectively. Every section, every example, resonated with me. I would encourage my fellow managers to take time and complete the course. Shauna did a wonderful job!"

-Adrian, TaskDrive

Develop your skills and be more effective in managing remote employees

"This course has helped me develop my own self-awareness, become more empathetic towards remote workers, has given me a better understanding of team management and insights into the pitfalls of poor team dynamics!"

- Eugene

Designed by Shauna Moran

Hi, I'm Shauna. I'm an Executive Coach & Consultant who specialises in Remote Teams. I work with a range of entrepreneurs, organisations, teams and more — to help them to uncover the process, habits, routines and mindsets that make these people and organisations successful at remote working.

As a coach, my greatest value to your business is sharing my experience, not just sharing advice. Creating, building and managing remote teams across various SaaS companies, I have overcome multiple communication, leadership and cultural challenges.

Shauna Moran

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